A place for hybrids and forward multiples

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Question: Thanks for your comments in the Switzer program on Sky on Monday evening regarding the Medibank IPO. You mentioned the term “forward multiple” a couple of times in arriving at your estimate that the $2 top range price is a bit on the high side. Can you elaborate please?

Answer (By Paul Rickard): It is the price/earnings multiple. I use the word ‘forward’, because it applies to FY15.

Take Medicare as an example:
Share price: $2.00
Number of shares: 2,754 million
Forecast net profit after tax (NPAT) for FY 15: $258.2 million
Earnings per share (258.2/2,754) = 9.38c

Multiple (PE ratio) = 200/9.38 = 21.3

At $1.55: 155/9.38 = 16.5.

Question 2: Your latest article indicates you are a bit of a fan of the hybrid securities market. However, any hint of ASX-listed credit is absent from your income model portfolio. I appreciate everyone’s circumstances differ but do you see a place for hybrids in an SMSF in pension mode for over 60’s and if so, at what levels?

Answer 2 (By Paul Rickard): The ‘income’ and ‘growth’ portfolios we publish are quite deliberately equities only. Further, I consider hybrid securities to be part of my ‘fixed income/bond’ weighting.

Because they are a crossover security, some commentators make the case that hybrid securities should be considered part of your equities weighting. I don’t subscribe to this argument, because while they potentially have equity downside risk, they don’t have equity upside gain potential. Furthermore, most of these securities will have reasonably stable capital prices – the downside risk is possible, but in most cases, unlikely.

And yes – I do see a place for hybrids within an asset allocation – as part of a weighting to bonds/fixed interest – however it would be relatively small.

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