Packaging stocks boxed in by market bears

Financial Journalist
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I felt sheepish at my local café this week. Everybody who ordered a takeaway coffee had a re-useable cup and eco-friendly mindset. I asked for my long black in a double paper cup, then put a napkin around it for further insulation. And used a plastic spoon, once, to stir the coffee.

Later that day, I bought a bottle of water. My younger colleagues had re-usable water bottles and dutifully filled them at the office water fountain. That’s good for the environment, but not so good for packaging stocks that face threats – and opportunities – from sustainability trends.

Global consultancy McKinsey & Co recently wrote that smart bottles and edible boxes are the future of packaging. By 2030, a jam jar might have your name on it as part of a customised promotion (that’s already happening) or an ice-cream tub could have a scannable code that suggests other ingredients to make desserts, acting as a personalised digital menu assistant.

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