My SMSF – stick to your long-term plan

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Every time investment markets hit a new “crisis”, the experts have a different explanation but, in reviewing my self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF), I try not to worry about the alleged cause of the latest troubles. Rather, I make sure I’m sticking to my original investment strategy. (You remember, that’s the document you are supposed to consider each year in your annual return.)

SMSF portfolios need a long-term strategy as well as a shorter- term tactical approach. If you get the main strategy right, it acts as a template for tactical adjustments. If your strategy isn’t well based, you’re likely to be over-whelmed by short-term tactical considerations.

My stance on investing – it’s stretching things to call it a philosophy – has been shaped by my own experiences, current investment conditions and by many famous investment thinkers I’ve interviewed.

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