My investment strategy for 2020

Founder and Publisher of the Switzer Report
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Lately I’ve been getting into the tipster business suggesting the stocks I liked as we got closer to a trade deal. And I have to say I’ve liked my strike rate and I thank my experts on my TV show for helping me with my selections. (You could do worse than look at the last few shows to see what was selected as I suspect many of these will have legs rolling into 2020.)

The UK election was a bonus, which I expected, but as we all know being too confident about modern day polls can be a mega-mistake of Bill Shorten proportions!

Last week, I told my readers of Switzer Daily that there were three big issues to watch for stock players. First was the trade deal and that was a big tick. Then there was the UK poll, another big tick. And then there was the run of economic data, which I was hoping would give us a clue that the 2020 Oz economy would pick up and help boost profits and then share prices.

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