Is buying the dip a good money-making play with these top 10 stocks?

Founder and Publisher of the Switzer Report
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One of the enduring lessons I’ve learnt over 30 years of being interested in building wealth was that being fixated on quality assets and being prepared to buy them when their respective markets have problems with them is a pretty good, consistent policy to stick to, if you like to get richer over time.

Last year saw a lot of very good, big market cap companies finish the year with a flourish and many of them have kept it going into 2020. Most of you have read me suggest that a good policy is to “buy the dip” and it goes double when they are very good stocks or property.

So in the interest of testing out my strategy let’s look at how our top 10 stocks performed over the past year, to see if buying the dip would have been a good money-making play.

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