Investing lessons from Warren Buffett’s exclusive shareholder’s meeting

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If you didn’t lay in bed with your beloved at 6.45am on Sunday morning, watching an 85-year old in Omaha Nebraska sip full-strength, 11 teaspoons-full of sugar Coke, then you’re reading the right guy, right now! I can make up for your bad decision.

Despite how peeved off I was that I couldn’t attend the shareholder’s meeting in the flesh because of COVID-19 (you can read my rant in Weekend Switzer), I still tuned in online. At one stage I closed my eyes and Maureen nudged me, thinking I was going back to sleep, but I was really just digesting every word. I even sent an email question to an address that Warren gave and if/when I get a reply I’ll be sure to let you know!

That’s because when Warren Buffett speaks, he thinks and draws down on years of wisdom that go back to the year of his birth, 1930, when the Great Depression redefined what Americans thought about the stock market, banks and their economic futures. And extends to his best year ever on the stock market — 1954 — when he worked for the legend’s legend, Benjamin Graham, who wrote the market masterpiece, Intelligent Investor.

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