Who gets your super? Inheritance and SMSFs

Executive Manager, SMSF Technical & Private Wealth, SuperConcepts
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It wasn’t until Uncle George fell under a bus that really focused the Smith family on their mortality. A few weeks after George’s funeral, Mike Smith, his eldest son realised that George had died without a will, which left a whole range of issues to be dealt with, including his superannuation benefits.

As Mike did not have a will, he started thinking about who he wanted to inherit his worldly possessions should he die and what would happen if he and Jenny, his wife, were to die in a plane accident.

Mike and Jenny have twin daughters, Ruth and Sky, who are 25. Ruth is single and has two children from a previous relationship, while Sky is married to Damon, has one son and lives overseas. Mike and Jenny have had many issues with Damon as they see him as a no-good money-grabbing layabout who seems to exert too much influence over Sky.

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