Fear of a market crash is high. I’m happy about that!

Founder and Publisher of the Switzer Report
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In recent times I’ve shared with you some observations given to me from some pretty smart people, who have been seduced to the ‘dark side’. This is made up of doomsday merchants who always seem to be negative even after being wrong for about five years!

Some have been wrong for eight years after being right in calling out that something was worrying before the GFC. My old buddy, Professor Steve Keen, fits this bill. One day, he will be right again. However, with Jim Rogers, Dr. Marc Faber et al., they look set to be wrong for a bit longer yet.

One of the recent converts to the “market looks set to slide” fraternity, is an investment banker actually flogging a financial product that really should do better in a rising market. In reality, it works in a falling one too. He’s spooked about the bond market and what rising yields might mean. If they go up too fast, I’d worry a bit but I suspect the elevation of rates or yields will be fairly measured because growth and inflation aren’t going gangbusters.

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