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European Vacation themes

I have to say at times over the last four weeks I did feel like Chevy Chase’s character Clark Griswold in National Lampoon’s European Vacation as I dragged my young family around Europe.

Holidays, particularly somewhat extended international ones, are great for clearing the mind and racking up credit card bills. Thankfully this time around neither the Australian equity market nor the Australian dollar collapsed while I was away, in fact quite the opposite, they remained relatively resilient, with low volatility as did all global markets.

Over the years, all 21 of them writing about equity and investment strategy, many of my best ideas have come from either direct observation, talking to people, clear-minded thinking on holidays or a combination of all three. When I don’t have the daily/hourly dealing desk pressure of where the next ticket is coming from, and the associated “white noise”, it makes it far easier to see the bigger medium-term picture and investment themes.