Desperately seeking Switzer’s favourite stock

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In our last webinar on June 7,  Paul (Rickard) asked me what my most preferred stock was right now. And I really didn’t have one. After a trade deal is struck (if it ever happens), I think our market will go higher. History says equities indexes usually pass their old all-time high and go higher before crashing. I’ve held the view that our S&P/ASX 200 index will beat 6828 and proceed to 7000 plus before I get sufficiently scared to go all defensive.

On that basis, I like the exchange traded funds IOS, STW and VAS. Regular readers would know I’ve pushed the barrow for years because I can’t see a big risk in holding Australia’s 200 best-listed companies, especially when it pays an OK dividend over 4% before franking. I guess this says it all:

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