Capital management and US dollar exposure

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Question: My SMSF has 2,318 shares in Wesfarmers and they have a capital management initiative at the moment. What is the best for me to do regarding this?

Answer (By Paul Rickard): You don’t need to do anything.

You will receive a payment from Wesfarmers of $1.00 per share on 16 December – comprising a return of capital of $0.75 and a $0.25 franked dividend.

At the same time, there will be a consolidation of shares on a 1:0.9827 basis. Your 2,318 old shares will become 2,278 shares.

Question 2: With the current and pending change to the Aussie dollar – what companies dealing in US dollars do you recommend to invest? I am too heavy in mining and banks and I have read your recommendation – to take on companies having US dollar exposure.

Answer (By Paul Rickard): Several of the companies that have strong US dollar earnings/exposure have already moved in response to a weaker Aussie dollar (or expected weaker Aussie dollar), so I am a little wary of recommending these names at the current levels. That said, at the right price, I would be considering names like:

  • CSL, Resmed and Cochlear in healthcare
  • Brambles and potentially Boral in the industrials.
  • Amcor in materials.
  • Possibly Computershare.

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