Can this overdue stock market rally last?

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In case you are wondering just how good the past few weeks have been to long-suffering wealth-builders like all of us who are Switzer Super Report supporters, here is a quick summary: US and global shares are up 9%, Australian shares are up 7%, oil is up 37%, the $A is up 8% and iron ore is up 34%.

But the sensible question you might have is: “Can it last?” Geoff Wilson of Wilson Asset Management is in the “no it won’t” group. He looked at the history of bear markets, which I’m not sure is relevant as we only went into bear territory for one day, but on his reckoning the safer time to chase stocks will be around September.

By the way, he’s not the only fund manager/expert who has expressed this “I can’t wait for September” song for stocks, so there could be something in it.

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