Buy, Hold, Sell – What the Brokers Say

Founder of FNArena
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And while this Grand Bear Market for global equities continues dragging share prices down, stockbroking analysts keep upgrading recommendations for individual ASX-listed stocks at a frantic pace.

For the first time in a long while, total Buy recommendations for the seven stockbrokers combined that are monitored daily by FNArena now represent the largest group, outpacing the Neutral/Holds 45.21% versus 42.85%, with the remaining 11.95% on Sell.

It has been a long while since Neutral/Hold recommendations no longer represent the largest group of recommendations, but then the Bull market upswing coming out of the brief Bear Market of late 2018 had been strong and elongated. Now the Bear Market that has followed that Bull Market upswing has been quick, ruthless, and savage.

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