Brexit bomb set to explode on stocks and banks! But in what direction?

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This damn Brexit vote could end up smashing bank share prices or sending them spiking higher and that's the big bet that you might have to make this week. Of course, if you are not a high-frequency sell-and-buy type, then you're at the mercy of the Poms, who I hope aren’t all pumped up with their own self-importance after that brave win over the Wallabies on Saturday night in Melbourne.

I’m usually a sore loser — being competitive can do that to you — but even with two crazy penalty decisions from the ref, the Poms still tackled brilliantly and deserved their win. I can’t believe I’m saying that but I guess I can take comfort that they couldn’t have done that without an Aussie coach in Eddie Jones.

But back to Brexit and some polls are now saying it’s a line ball vote but 13% are undecided. However, a YouGov survey this week showed 46% now support leaving the EU while 39% support staying.

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