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Founder and Publisher of the Switzer Report

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Peter Switzer is one of Australia’s leading business and financial commentators, launching his own business 20 years ago. The Switzer Group has since grown into three successful companies spanning media and publishing, financial services and business coaching.

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Recent Commentary

Time to enjoy the party

As the economic good news stacks up in the US and the Dow soars ever higher, some investors are questioning this optimism. But the tide may actually have turned for the better, for the next few years ..

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A bout of indigestion

A market slip can scare investors, particularly those cautious ones who have been waiting on the sidelines, but the real question is not what the market will do this week, but where you think it might..

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Smells like desperation

Gillard’s alleged attack on super and SMSFs sounds like a desperate grab for cash as the ailing government tries to reduce its deficit. But if the government wants to serve another term, it would do..

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