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Probability of Government increasing retirement age?

I am 35. What probability do you place on a future government increasing the preservation/retirement age (by the time I get there)? I can’t help but feel that probability is “high”.

I don’t want to work forever and have $180K in an industry super fund and my employer contributes 17% on my $106K p.a. salary. I have been salary sacrificing for the past few years but with the current political climate I have lost all faith and can’t help but think that a future government will change the rules. It seems those (few of us) that take action early and plan to be financially independent are the ones to get punished through rule changes because they are easy political targets. I’m thinking it may be safer to pay more tax now and build wealth outside of super and let my employer make contributions (which I know are already well above average). Do you have any opinions (not financial advice) on this subject?

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Labor Policy to deny refunds

The Labor policy to deny refunds of surplus franking credits has received significant publicity, but self funded retirees with pension accounts may still need franking credits because of another of Labors super policy announcements.

Labor intend limiting the tax free earnings on assets supporting income streams to $75,000 per annum.

Therefore, franking credits will be required to offset tax liabilities on earnings in excess of $75,000 won’t they?

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Is Quintis still one of the most shorted stocks?

You are still showing QIN as one of the most shorted.
They have been put into receivership months ago and shareholders have nothing, not even a statement so we can crystallise our losses. I would really love it to be trading at $8 as your table is showing!

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Labor’s franking credit proposal

As a result of the well-publicised franking credit issue proposed by Labor, some commentators suggest that investors load up with shares which pay unfranked dividends to “soak up” available franking credits.

Could one of your experts consider writing a piece in order to suggest what might currently be the 10 most attractive shares which pay unfranked dividends ?

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