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Should I hold trauma insurance in my SMSF?

Could you please explain why holding Trauma Insurance inside your SMSF may not be the best vehicle. I have a Life, TPD, Trauma policy combined at present and would like to expense through my new SMSF. What options do I have – can the policy simply be split?

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Does inclusion in the ASX100 impact a stock’s price?

How often are the ASX50 and ASX100 reviewed and updated? Is the removal of CSR, say, from the ASX100 when that last happened, likely to have affected its marketability? Would the reverse have a positive impact for CRZ and MND? Companies outside ASX100 don’t get much attention.

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Investing in LICs in pension phase

What do you think about investing in listed investment companies (LICs) for an over 60s no-tax income stream considering they have to pay capital gains tax before dividend distribution?

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Should I buy inflation-linked bonds?

Is now the right time to invest in bonds? I was looking at inflation-linked bonds and/or an EFT which invests in these and they are trading at a premium to issue price. There is a lot of talk that bonds are in a bubble and will burst when people start moving funds back into equities. Is this only applicable to the US or is this the case in Australia too?

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