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Tax on an SMSF

Regarding the proposal to tax earnings from your SMSF assets over $100,000 per year – is that figure of $100,000 before or after you pay yourself a pension? For example, your fund may earn $120,000 but you pay yourself a pension of $30,000 which leaves an increase of $90,000 in your SMSF.

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Fixed interest or shares?

Hi Paul

I watch a fair bit of Sky Business and follow your reports on Switzer with interest. With interest rates for term deposits falling I have taken an interest in the Bonds session on “your Money your call” on Sky Business. I recently went to a presentation by FIIG Securities and have since bought 2 fixed interest bonds they recommended which pay very good returns close to 7%.

Normally I am of the view that the higher the return the greater the risk but FIIG tell me these investments are more secure than equities and they have asset backing that makes them a safe investment. I have always been impressed by the people at FIIG but do you have a view whether I am better to buy shares with 5% dividend and franking rather than a fixed interest bond?

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