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Recent DIY Super Questions

How do I start a TRT pension?

I am 69 years old and I have just started my SMSF. I have an accumulation account in my SMSF and a defined benefit from my employer that I will withdraw next year when I retire. My question is, what do I need to do to start a transition to retirement pension? Are there any documents to fill out to do that, or do I just withdraw 5% each year from my accumulation account as a pension?

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Is now a good time to buy into the stock market?

I have been watching your program on Sky News Business Channel after starting a self-managed super fund. I have been waiting for a chance to buy into the stock market. Do you think it is a good time to dive in? And what are your stock tips?

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How safe are hedge funds?

A friend of mine has invested with a hedge fund and has done very well but I am not sure about how safe they are. Could you explain what they do and their relative safety?

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