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QLD stamp duty concessions for SMSFs

Regarding your closing comments in your column in The Australian Tuesday 13th August regarding QLD stamp duty concessions for SMSFs. I have searched the QLD OSR website and found this link posted Oct 2012 dealing with merges and splits:

Is this what you are referring to or have there been some recent amendments not yet posted on the ORS website?

I would like to move real business property into my superfund upon retirement but the stamp duty makes the benefits of this transaction marginal.

Any advice on concessions in this area would be greatly appreciated.

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Should I hold or sell Argo?

I’m 69 years old and purchased some shares in 2003 at the top of the market and given bad financial advice which I have tried to correct and take losses as a consequence. My wife and I since 2007 have run a SMSF which is in pension phase.

My question relates to 2 shares I have held for some time.

ARGO (ARG) total shares 7373 average price $7.909, on today’s price $6.990, yield at this price 3.85%.
TOll Holdings (TOL) total shares 3500 average price $9.649. On today’s price $5.31, yield at this price 4.91%.

Can I better invest these funds (about $70k available with losses of about $24k if I sell)?

Also your comments on FWD and MND would be appreciated.

Any advice you could give me would be very much appreciated.

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Rebates for SMSFs

Hello Tony,

We purchased a rental property in our SMSF about 18 months ago.

Earlier this year the SMSF had a 4.2 KW solar system installed at the property.

My question is whether any of the investment allowances and rebates that are applicable for businesses, are available to SMSF for such an investment. Specifically I was wondering whether the $6,500 small business investment allowance was in anyway applicable for SMSFs.

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