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Macquarie Group and APA

I purchased Macquarie at $71 in my SMSF. Where do you see it in 6 months?

I have also held APA for 6 months, for which I paid $5.96. Do you think its worth holding on to?

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Investment strategies

Hi Paul. I like watching and learning about your investment strategies and also get a lot out of the webinars you run. Do you have a view on the income ETFs as an alternative to holding stocks independently as per your income portfolio? I see ishares have a high dividend ETF and there are others.


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How to keep ahead of inflation

Hi Tony,

After writing about the concerns of inflation last week, can you expand on the type of investments that are likely to keep ahead of inflation. I currently have a rental property so I guess trying to raise the rent in line with inflation is a start there. My share potfolio consists of the likes of the 4 Banks plus BOQ, Telstra, Woolies, Westfarmers and BHP. I’d be appreciative of any comments.



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Withdraw and re-contribution

Hi Tony,

I am 60 years old and my husband is 63. Last year (before June 30, 2013), we each put $150K into the non taxable component. Can we withdraw and re-contribute $450K each from our taxable component to non taxable component, or is it limited to only $300K each this year?

What are the conditions required to do this “withdraw and re-contribution”?

We made one large non-concessional contribution many years back. When the ATO first allowed to put $1m, we each put $500k in non-concessional contributions.

We are semi-retired.

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