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There’s no SMSF conspiracy

Hi Peter,

I totally disagree with what you’ve written. ASIC is extremely concerned about people being pushed into SMSFs by property spruikers and shonky accountants, and so they should be. Most people with SMSFs do not need them. To make it worse, they then email me all sorts of basic questions showing they have no idea of what they’re trying to do.

Maybe you could publicise the fact that the penalty for getting it wrong is 46.5% of the fund’s taxable assets at previous June 30. For example, if the fund had $2m in it, and half of that was taxable, the penalty would be $465,000.


Noel Whittaker

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The Sydney property cycle


Where do you estimate we sit in the property cycle in Sydney ?

The general view appears to be “recovery phase ” at say 7 O’clock. With interest rates low, saving rates high, household debt lower, the election and therefore uncertainty soon to be behind us, one should think the property market is poised for an upsurge.

On the other hand does the ” new normal ” mean slower recovery in residential pricing?

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What stocks to buy

Hello Paul,

If I adopted your portfolio today, how do I know what stocks you May intend to reduce and at what price?

I do understand that you do not have a “Crystal ball” and ultimately I will make my own decision. I would just like to hear what YOUR thoughts are on this subject and how you would impart it to us.

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Has the regulator got it wrong?

I have a few hybrids in my SMSF, mainly the banks and a couple of corporates, that I felt comfortable about. My Suncorp has recently been redeemed and my Westpac is about to be. I enquired with my stockbroker as to an alternative he would recommend. His response was that they are not recommending recent issues mainly because they now contain a mandatory conversion clause, and dividend/interest payments are not compulsory/cumulative.

This appears to me to mean that our regulator, in its wisdom, has actually made the very securities they are concerned about for us little retail investors who rush in where people with lots more capital available fear or don’t for whatever reason want to tread, more risky. Am I correct in this assumption?

Thank you,


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Hi Peter,

I have very little confidence in “Financial Advisers” as such. Your web site is the one place I DO trust!

I am in Pension Mode (71 yrs) and I have not done too bad with the ASX so far. My question is: Do you have a Portfolio Recommendation which I could follow as my main guide? I would still like to ultimately make my own choices, but so many stocks appear “Overvalued” and yet have a recommend to buy against them by the experts. This confuses me. Hope this is not too big an ask!

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Blue mountains property market

Hi Penny, just wanted to know what your outlook is for the residential property market around the blue mountains area? Sales seem to have picked up quite a lot of late and not sure if it is a market for capital gain.

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