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A 40% or a 25% slump in stocks – time to bail?

The bears are coming out of hibernation with Dr. Marc Faber tipping a 40% slump in shares last week. Now Ron Paul, the former Republican congressman and presidential hopeful, says a 25% sell-off and a 50% spike in gold is on the cards!

Paul is a Trump-hater while Faber is a bull-hater and it has to be remembered that the latter has been calling Armageddon for some time and he knows one day he will be right. Luckily for him the media has a short memory or their addiction to scary headlines keeps him credible for too many news agencies.

But my problem is I can’t rely on gut feeling and simply say “sell everything” because there are a lot of objective reasons why you’d doubt Ron Paul and Dr. Marc of the Gloom, Boom & Doom Report.

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