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5 stocks under 50 cents

It’s time for another group of ‘Five Stocks Under 50 cents.’ Usually, that means micro-caps – and this time is no exception. Here’s an interesting group of stocks from that world that I like – including a fully-franked dividend payer.

1) Gale Pacific (GAP, 37 cents)

Market capitalisation: $107 million
FY17 historical yield: 5.4%, unfranked
Analysts’ consensus target price: n/a

Gale Pacific develops and makes high-performance technical textiles, which it exports around the world. The company invented knitted high-density polyethylene (HDPE) “shade cloth” fabrics in the 1970s and today makes a range of advanced polymer fabrics including knitted HDPE, coated HDPE and waterproof and coated polypropylene (PP) mesh fabrics, which are used in the architectural and construction, agricultural, industrial, horticultural, water and mining industries.