$100 million Powerball prize sparks interest in Tabcorp

Financial Journalist
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A friend had an urgent message: “Make sure you buy a ticket in this week’s $100-million Powerball! Lotteries are a low priority for me, but it’s amazing how a jackpot attracts interest – and sales for gaming companies – from people who don’t normally gamble.

To recap, the Powerball prize rose to $100 million in mid-January after no Division One winners surfaced in the previous week’s draw. The jackpot, unclaimed for eight weeks, is the largest in Australian history, matched only twice this decade.

Remarkably, one in three Australian adults are expected to buy a ticket in the draw, many of whom are not regular Powerball players. It will be the largest Australian lottery prize won by a single entry if one person wins the $100 million.

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